0016 Country Code

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0016 Country Code

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  • Country codes are short alphabetic or numeric geographical codes (geocodes) developed to represent countries and dependent areas, for use in data processing and communications. Several different systems have been developed to do this. The best known of these is ISO 3166-1.
  • The Country Code, The Countryside Code and The Scottish Outdoor Access Code are sets of rules for visitors to rural, and especially agricultural, regions of the United Kingdom. The Country Code dates back to the 1930s; the Countryside Code replaced it in 2004.
  • (Country Codes) Other countries have country codes in their domain names, this lets you know where the site is being “served”. Below is a list of several country codes.

0016 country code

New Fitness Trails 20120214 0016

New Fitness Trails 20120214 0016
For those who enjoy a good walk—minus a ruck sack and combat boots—Fort Knox is actively developing recreational hiking trails for health and fitness. The trails will be designed for multiple purposes.
In a master plan of several years, the garrison commander hopes to connect all Fort Knox communities and eventually provide access to Saunders Springs in Radcliff via these trails.
“These trails are being developed in direct response to the most recent leisure needs survey,” explained Col. Bruce Jenkins, the Fort Knox garrison commander. “The community folks indicated on those surveys that they wanted paved hiking trails for recreational use.”
Due to the increase of people and vehicles on the installation, Jenkins said the hiking needed to be done where people could pursue those fitness goals safely, without being on the busy roads of Fort Knox.
In the immediate future, the first installment of trails will be opened in three phases.
The first trail to open is nearly finished and parallels Wilson Road. The paved pathway just needs signage and parking areas—already in the plans—to be complete.
The second phase, coming sometime this spring, will be a graveled trail in Heard Park on the eastern side of the installation near the Lt. Gen. Maude Complex.
The third phase, hopefully available so users could observe the leaves changing colors in the fall, will include a graveled path on the east side of Wilson Road, extending from Ninth Cavalry Regiment Avenue south to Seventh Armor Division Road. That trail will be longer and more challenging, whether for use by bikers or runners.
“I happened to be out exploring and stumbled across Heard Park,” said Jenkins. “It’s beautiful out there and it was just being wasted now that we have no more basic trainees.
“It only made sense to repurpose some of those training areas formerly used by Soldiers—and now used very little—by converting them to answer the health and fitness needs of the community.”
When all are complete, there should be 45 miles of trail, which Jenkins believes is the most in this area.
There was a time when hiking was unknown as a pastime. Just a few generations ago, people spent a good percentage of their waking hours walking—whether it was behind a mule-drawn plow, chasing cows into the barn, hoeing the garden, or even hoofing it to reach school, church or shopping. Walking wasn’t seen as recreation, but a necessary chore to accomplish other duties.
As life in the U.S. became more sedentary and urban, people began looking for ways to enjoy nature and get some exercise. Hiking, trekking, tramping—all terms for the pastime of walking to enjoy Mother Nature and perhaps observe wildlife—developed as a more accessible sport than mountaineering, which became popular in the ‘50s after Mount Everest was finally conquered.
To further assist those who use the paved oval around the designated green space near the Caruso youth sports complex, lighting will be installed in the near future so joggers and bikers can use the track safely, even when it’s dark.
Color-coded trails will be developed for different purposes and should provide a challenge for those who are athletic bikers or those who just enjoy hiking for pleasure.
“I envision paths that might eventually be used for cross country races or marathons,” Jenkins added. “These trails will be designed for use by civilians, Soldiers, retirees, contractors—all Fort Knox citizens.”